Healing Paean

Following is the paean that can be sung or chanted as you like:
Wash this away, wash this away Paean

Take this and wash this away

Take away that which has come and wash it away

You cleanse and purify all things wash this away O Paean

Wash this away, averter of evils, rid me of this

Restore my body whole to me O Lord,  wash this away Paean.

Bring back sound health which has been lost, wash this away

As you washed the Delphyne blood from you in the waters of Peneus

And garlanded yourself in the laurel leaves upon the shore

O lauded Lord, who brings goid health and distributes plagues,  wash this away

Cleanse me and behold me whole before you, with offerings laden.

O paean, Lord of healing springs and medicinal art wash this affliction away.

Ie Paean, Ie Paean I behold you who are great approaching.

Ie Paean Ie Paean the waters part before you and all light shines

Pure you are, ie Paean ie Paean

Wash this away!

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Feast of the Land Spirits

Wither away, rot away, the flesh is ripe and sweet
Summon with your horns the spirits to the sacrifice, to the feast,
For they come on the rattling winds, jubilant and bright
Howling with laughter as they swing in the dance of autumn.
Nymphs with acorn crowns and crimson dyed gowns
Shake sistrums of pine cones and nuts as they sing
Joyous chants to the fruit king pierced with numerous wounds
His visage running red by the fruits of the autumn press
As he sways to their beat, the sacrifice every awaiting,
Attended resolutely by the gods, sacrificers of the harvest.
At his side Apollon reaps the herd and cuts the vine
His lips pull back from wolfish teeth in his savage grin
As lovingly he peels away the fruit’s fragrant skin.
Yet before him Artemis leads the nymph in their chaotic dance
On the bloodstained hides of the wild field’s fattened beasts
As they wear ruddy skins freshly stripped from deer limbs
Scattering about from their boughs the venerable seeds
Turning round the thrum of energy, creating and renewing
That all which goes within the ground rises to meet the spring.
There too Pan leads forth the satyr dance by the breath of the syrinx
Leaping as spring kids, with laughter-loving Hermes in attendance,
As circle around the roaring maenadic dance of the company of Artemis
By their folly suggestive in gesture to the laughter of the vine king.
Even Demeter, her sorrow fresh printed on the curve of her cheeks
Laughs and claps her hands in merriment from her wicker throne
The halls of death momentarily lightened with the joys season’s end brings
Hail, hail all the company sing, O hosts innumerable of Dionysos.
Hail, hail the spirits sing with the flowing blood of the sacrifice,
Hail O Dionysos who tips the cup of life and scatters it to the ground,
Let all feast and sing at the holy banquet of our lord Dionysos.

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Hail to you O gracious mother of the rolling seas
You dwell in the depths, beyond sea-grass reeds,
Beyond the fishermen’s nets and current’s swell
Enthroned upon crimson coral and pearly shell
Where crystalline sand paints your shining skin
As in bliss you recline upon an iridescent fin
Amid the curtain of abyssal-dark tendrils of curls
Wafting upon a breath, at turn lengthening and furls,
As you nod your regal head to the girth of your womb
From which sweet water ever flows to your maternal croon,
You from whom the wealth of the sea issues forth,
O lady of fish, O lauded mother of supreme worth
Nurturer of children, bringer of joy, banisher of strife,
Hail O briny-crowned Tethys, abundant in life.

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Hail to the goddess, ineffable, bright-armed, regal-born
Hail to Athena, who from her father’s great mind was so torn
That she sprung, from his crown, fully grown with brazen arms,
With naught but a war-cry on her lips, to the credit of her charms;
There the heart of father Zeus took delight in her triumphant shout
And beheld in adoration she who could even terrible Ares rout
As the aegis about her he draped, goddess terrible and of good fame
Whom every mouth adores with the uttering of her great name.

O hail clamorous Maid, Pallas, Athena, vigorous dancing mind
All is perceived and known under your vision, O goddess owl-eyed
Were that you were midwived by ingenuity of Prometheus’ insight
Or by Hermes’ guidance brought forth from your father’s head
As he draws forth all souls along the roads of the living and dead,
Or whether by Hephaistos axe that the gate of birth opened, glad
To receive forth the goddess beloved of his art, born armor clad!
But such his desire your brazen form that from your thigh you shore
The seed to the earth, and there dragonish Erikhthonios the earth bore;
He, whom you in secret lovingly reared, every year and every four
Panathenaia he established that you your people may ever adore.

Hail O Athena, hail to you o goddess of the yoke, of the common art
That the oxen are yoked to the plow and the bridled horse to the cart,
That farmers may their grain yield, and warriors win their acclaim,
That weavers may elegantly clad, and potters industrialize by flame;
Hail to you who gave mankind the languages of the number and word
That the mind expands and thus to wise laws we shall nobly defer,
That naught may be won for mankind by our brute strength alone
But by the mind justice and victory you shall jointly enthrone.
Hail to you keen-eyed goddess, just savior, champion of heroes
May by our offerings you be pleased and show us just favor.

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Hymn to Helios

Hail Helios, radiant one, O, heaven’s eye
Arrayed with gold you rise into the sky,
Shining, crowned with diamonds, you rise
As, flaming, your mercurial chariot flies,
Burning as you illuminate the earth and all
Marking the passage of time by rise and fall
Turning with the measure of Kitharados’ song
The seasons dance to days, short and long;
Even so, you shine, by proxy, at night
Feeding Selene’s great torch by your light,
Delivering all from darkness by her flight.
In no place do you not ever shine and gleam
For which, with supplicant hands, heaven’s queen
Entreated you to cast your eye all about the earth
That the Letoide flames not come to birth
In any place but upon Delos’ pure, starry girth.
O Helios, sea-born, horse-loving, blessed-son
Of the wide-winged, easternly-reigning Hyperion,
Ever in kindness turn toward us your blessed face
Bestowing your blessings upon the human race.

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Hymn to Eos

(composed during sunrise)

Hail, O luminous one, torch-bearing Eos,
Bright herald of far-seeing eye of Helios,
Hail to You, crowned in roses and gold,
You, who are among the fairest to behold,
You, to whom all mortal blessings are wed.
Lo, you have climbed from your marriage bed,
Bathing your limbs in Okeanos’ silver stream
And harnessing the mares of day’s fiery team
That with winged steps into the heavens rise
As Nyx withdraws with maternal sighs.
O daughter of Hyperion, show ever your grace
And by your presence bless the mortal race.

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Hymn to Apollon Noumenios

**** A poem for the Noumenia*******

Hail Apollon, Noumenios, of the new light
Lord of the Silver Bow, deliverer from night
As once you held aloft your gleaming bow
For Jason’s sake illuminating all by its glow
So through you is the new month ever born
As Selene shines once more her silvery horn
For you are the numinous lord of the gate
The old passing to the new as you dictate
You, Agyieus, keeper of where the road ends
Shining forth on where the new one begins.
O Noumenios, in every oikos you receive a share
Of the feast enjoyed by we who are in your care
You who delight in the swine’s fatty bones
And garlands draped upon your standing stones
You who are with myrtle and laurel crowned,
Like twin serpentine chains winding down,
Beneath the shade of the lofty laurel’s bough,
To which Prostateria inclines her bright brow,
We pray, avert all evils from before the door
And upon us your blessings you kindly pour.

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